Warning From The Future

From the title I contrive two meanings, one Spain is approximately nine hours ahead of my “fair” city of Phoenix, and two what is happening currently in Spain could very well be our own future here in the free States. Midnight Thursday morning Spain started a 24 hour general strike. Barricades were put in place by 12 am and by 1:30 am the police and protesters started to clash. Spain being in an economic funk much like that of Greece (soon to be worse perhaps) with a general unemployment rate of 25% (people under 35 years of age is about 50%) making a total of approximately 5 million unemployed citizens has decided in many ways to protest the system if you will.

What can we expect when the average income is 500 euros a month (almost 700 US dollars) when rent is a=on average 800 euros? Mix in the 20% consumption tax on all products, $2.66 for public transportation, 40% luxury tax on assigned “luxury” items, and and massive unemployment rate. One might think where are all these tax dollars going. The answer is into the pockets of the bankers who the government refuses to let go into bankruptcy. The government officials are too afraid to let their nation go belly up because they will lose everything. So they see it fit better for them to lower wages and raise taxes. The citizens of Spain however have had enough and are undergoing different acts of civil disobedience.

The term civil disobedience may have a bad ring to it but I am proud to say the Spanish give it a positive ring. For example there’s a movement call Yo No Pago (I don’t pay), which is a civil disobedient movement which encourages people to not pay for public transportation (which the prices of seem to continue to rise). This movement has grown in success and is soon to be quite affective. Currently the Yo No Pago Facebook page has 14,816 likes and is growing daily. (more…)


Peace On Earth

World peace, everyone and their mothers, even grandmothers from the dawn of Miss America pageants have been wishing for world peace. What does this mean? Is it attainable? Do you really want to know? Do you really want it or are you too jaded now?

I can’t answer the last question but I can safely bet there are many of us whom are jaded. Looking at the roots behind the various wars in our history, do you think we can do with out them? Of course we can. One great tactic to get to the truth of things is to remove its mask. Once we do that it’s naked and seems like a waste of energy, money, and lives. I’m not going to go on an anti-war rant here today, although I could very well do so. However I will answer the first two questions from the paragraph above. First, What does this mean? World peace is it subjective? In a few ways it is subjective. People define it as unrelenting peace and love for one another. This definition is much harder to achieve due to it’s constant coming back to science (neuroscience) dealing with human behavior. Another more realistic definition due to our painful human condition is that it’s a life where we are protected from harm while we have all the rights to decide on how we want to live our lives, how we wish to earn a living, how we raise our children and love our spouses, to not have our earnings taken from us from a centralized organization for the claims of the greater good (save law enforcement, schools, and a few other operations that provide a safe existence to protect us from the evil side of the aforementioned human condition), and to be given the option to decide on how successful or unsuccessful we can be with our life choices. (more…)