Peace On Earth

World peace, everyone and their mothers, even grandmothers from the dawn of Miss America pageants have been wishing for world peace. What does this mean? Is it attainable? Do you really want to know? Do you really want it or are you too jaded now?

I can’t answer the last question but I can safely bet there are many of us whom are jaded. Looking at the roots behind the various wars in our history, do you think we can do with out them? Of course we can. One great tactic to get to the truth of things is to remove its mask. Once we do that it’s naked and seems like a waste of energy, money, and lives. I’m not going to go on an anti-war rant here today, although I could very well do so. However I will answer the first two questions from the paragraph above. First, What does this mean? World peace is it subjective? In a few ways it is subjective. People define it as unrelenting peace and love for one another. This definition is much harder to achieve due to it’s constant coming back to science (neuroscience) dealing with human behavior. Another more realistic definition due to our painful human condition is that it’s a life where we are protected from harm while we have all the rights to decide on how we want to live our lives, how we wish to earn a living, how we raise our children and love our spouses, to not have our earnings taken from us from a centralized organization for the claims of the greater good (save law enforcement, schools, and a few other operations that provide a safe existence to protect us from the evil side of the aforementioned human condition), and to be given the option to decide on how successful or unsuccessful we can be with our life choices.

Onto the second question of whether or not this is attainable. The answer is well of course, it simply is. The word simply is not misused here mind you it actually is quite simple. Actually one can download an app right to one’s smart phone. It is a rather quite remarkable app and an even more remarkable document which if followed correctly it will allow peace on Earth to exist. More than anything I emphasize most heavily on free market economics. In a financially free society the only way is up. This was an experiment attempted by the U.S. forefathers. Since we have trampled upon this society while still calling it “free” and more over a “free market”, this experiment has come to a dreadful end. One can actually feel this failure simply by counting the fingers on one’s hand the number of people they know who have foreclosed on their homes, are unemployed, or have had serious unfortunate events pressed upon them. The solution as I stated before is economic freedom. How this is done is by not allowing a big bully (federal government) to take our money for what they claim to be for good reason and instead bailing out failing giant corporations and funding wars all of which are unnecessary.

If need of reiteration the answer is yes, world peace is attainable. In a free economic societal system the sky is the limit to one’s rewards. If this is so then it benefits all whom live in it. To have world peace is quite attainable indeed and something if anything, we should strive for. This removes tyrannical totalitarian regimes, leaders under the guise of promoting freedom whom which are maybe more tyrannical than the more obvious dictators, and promotes wealth and prosperity for all mankind.

The question of whether or not you my dear reader would want to know the answers obviously at this point doesn’t pertain to you as you’ve made it this far into this post.

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