The Worth Of Education In Modern Society

I had an interesting encounter today, well rather I found myself eavesdropping on an encounter. I was in my local small food-market buying a few necessary groceries for my house. When I entered to frozen meat section an employee passing out samples was in a deep and rather active conversation with a customer. I am known as the guy that enters establishments and gets lost people watching and eavesdropping due to my never-ceasing curiosity. The employee was a middle-aged man and the customer was a thirty-something woman. She was exclaiming enthusiastically how she is from New York and wishes to return. I learned quickly that she worked as a paralegal. He, the employee, was British and he was telling her that he studied law at Cambridge University. When the customer heard these words come out of his mouth she raised her voice with surprise and shock asking why on Earth was he here working in a market passing out samples.

This is the point when I couldn’t decipher much more from their conversation as I had already spent enough time pretending to be not listening and walked away. But the thought lingered in my mind. He studied law at Cambridge and now he is here at my little neighborhood market surely not making much in the way of wages. This is not the first time I encountered someone of this sort but it is a topic that has been weighing heavily on my recently. (more…)