Faith In China

One of the largest fears that plagues the average modern American’s mind is the fear of total economic failure in the US economy and the economic domination of Chinese society. Of course it appears to be a valid fear though rest assured I am quite certain that there’s actually quite little to fear. Allow me to explain myself by first explaining the differences in our economic systems.

Let us travel across the drug infested border of Mexico and have a somewhat close examination of an exclusive system (China is also quite exclusive). First I’ll state due to much research I’ve found one clear observation that can expose whether a countries economic system is exclusive or inclusive. It’s quite simple really. If one sees a country where there are two extremes of economic classes with very little middle class then that is a tip off. In Mexico there is the richest of the rich and the poorest of the poor with very little evidence of a middle sections (class). The upper class in Mexico is extremely wealthy financially and has no concern for their country while the poor which makes up most of the country, is quite possibly gets down to the poorest group of people one might ever come across on this not-so-fair planet. There is much pride in their upper class. It’s a badge of honor for them when they are connected and well taken care of as the trod on the poor man’s back. Not only is it a punishment for an average non-connected Mexican citizen if they get the idea of even attempting to own their own small business but it is quite dangerous too. Mirroring cases in Eastern European and many African countries one must pay a high fee for local protection. If one shows any sign of wealth and is not connected then it may as well be a death warrant on their head. This mostly of course deals with the massive drug cartel which also is majorly connected to the operations in their government. And to save for another post soon I will share the only resolution to this problem that I can think of and am quite certain will work. (more…)