Petition For Dr. Ron Paul To Be Nominated For The Nobel Peace Prize

The Nobel Peace Prize’s very name was diminished when Barack Obama won it in 2009. At first I didn’t feel so strongly but after four years of bombing innocent Muslims cowardly with drones, I became rather against The Nobel Peace Prize, seeing it now as promotional tool used by politicians as opposed to an award given to worthy individuals who through their efforts were strong proponents of peace and positive human evolution.

After awarded to Obama how could anyone possibly see the awards merit anymore? The award was given to him due to his promotion of nuclear nonproliferation and a “new climate” in international relations fostered by Obama, especially in reaching out to the Muslim world. This appears truly absurd if one looks at the President’s track record of “war on terror.” He took over the “war on terror” after George W. Bush only to surpass Bush when it came to assassination and bombing of and in the Muslim world – the same world he was awarded for promoting peace to. 

However I can see myself returning to honor and trust The Nobel Peace Prize if  The Norwegian Storting (parliament) were to nominate U.S. Congressman Dr. Ron Paul for his TRUE efforts advocating peace. As the only presidential candidate with a military background and the only candidate who ever fought in a war, as well as the highest ranking official in Congress, Dr. Ron Paul has been consistently the only advocate for ending the unnecessary wars over seas and military intervention in foreign affairs. He is the only candidate that truly wants to bring the U.S. troops home.

Obama wants to force Iran to submit under him, through military force if need be. How does this make him a strong advocate for peace with the Muslim world?

Sign the petition for The Norwegian Storting to nominate Dr. Ron Paul to receive the award and return The Nobel Peace Prize to its noble roots.


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  1. Reblogged this on The Raging Libertarian and commented:
    I noticed this tonight and just knew I had to share! Ron Paul is so very deserving of this and I just finished signing the petition, which is linked to this piece. It’s a no-brainer! He is such an advocate for peace and prosperity that if they pass him by, they are doing the World a grave injustice.

    So, let’s get it done! Sign away!

    • Thanks for the reblog! I agree with you immensely. If they pass him by then I will surely lose all respect for The Nobel Peace Prize.

      There shouldn’t even have to be a petition to begin with.

  2. Agreed, the debates have become an embarrassment to the true meaning of debate.

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