Warning From The Future

From the title I contrive two meanings, one Spain is approximately nine hours ahead of my “fair” city of Phoenix, and two what is happening currently in Spain could very well be our own future here in the free States. Midnight Thursday morning Spain started a 24 hour general strike. Barricades were put in place by 12 am and by 1:30 am the police and protesters started to clash. Spain being in an economic funk much like that of Greece (soon to be worse perhaps) with a general unemployment rate of 25% (people under 35 years of age is about 50%) making a total of approximately 5 million unemployed citizens has decided in many ways to protest the system if you will.

What can we expect when the average income is 500 euros a month (almost 700 US dollars) when rent is a=on average 800 euros? Mix in the 20% consumption tax on all products, $2.66 for public transportation, 40% luxury tax on assigned “luxury” items, and and massive unemployment rate. One might think where are all these tax dollars going. The answer is into the pockets of the bankers who the government refuses to let go into bankruptcy. The government officials are too afraid to let their nation go belly up because they will lose everything. So they see it fit better for them to lower wages and raise taxes. The citizens of Spain however have had enough and are undergoing different acts of civil disobedience.

The term civil disobedience may have a bad ring to it but I am proud to say the Spanish give it a positive ring. For example there’s a movement call Yo No Pago (I don’t pay), which is a civil disobedient movement which encourages people to not pay for public transportation (which the prices of seem to continue to rise). This movement has grown in success and is soon to be quite affective. Currently the Yo No Pago Facebook page has 14,816 likes and is growing daily.

Yo No Pago also promotes other actions one in particular being quite ingenious actually. The idea is to become insolvent. Which means closing one’s bank account.

If they catch you using public transport without a ticket, no problem. If you get a fine, you are not bound to pay it; if police fine you for going to a 15-M demonstration, you’re not bound to pay it because you have economic immunity since you’re insolvent; if the bank takes your house because you don’t have a job and you can’t pay the mortgage, and, further, you have a huge debt with the bank… Stop paying, you’re insolvent.

As for the moment the action taking place as I stated above is a general strike. No one will go to work today. All the television networks are off the air save the annoying always prevailing MTV which failed me incredibly years and years ago. No one sleeps tonight. The police are already at war and riots later today are inevitable. Hopefully there will be no deaths but that seems to be an unfortunate unlikeliness.

Here are protestors attempting to stop someone from going to work.

The tone of this post gets really serious with this next picture.

What does this mean for all of us? It means many things. Fear is no longer an option, banks must be forced into bankruptcy like any other “private” business, they can fool the people sometimes but they can’t fool all the people all the time, and a  strong economic system without government intervention along with protected civil rights is the only path that we need take.

United WE Stand!

*Special thanks to Mata Hari for the consistent updates via Barcelona

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