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Was Crowley Wrong? And Did Obama Call It An “Act Of Terror?” – No and Yes

Well Obama decided to study this time around as opposed to the first debate where her arrogantly believed it was going to be an easy victory for him over Romney. That is a good thing because now we have something closer to a real debate. I must say it was refreshing to have both Obama and Romney defend and attack in real time, while looking directly at each other.

While I was following along the myriad of Tweets from political commentators and journalists I saw a massive outcry when moderator Candy Crowley sided with Obama in defending him from Romney’s accusation (or questioning) of whether or not Obama called the attack in Libya on September 11th 2012 as an “act of terror.” The outcry mostly came from the right claiming that he did not call it an “act of terror” and instead focused on the religious aspect of it as a riposte to an amateur anti-Islam film.

Well I read the entire speech by the president conducted on the following day of September 12th in the Rose Garden. While many journalists are desperately picking apart words, I also side with Obama that he did in fact attribute the attack as an “act of terror.” Also in my personal opinion I find it absolutely refreshing that a moderator, a journalist to boot, addressed the truth in real time. Many are angry with Crowley, and I would be too if she was actually incorrect. If she was incorrect then it would show she was speaking out of personal opinion and obviously showing favoritism towards one candidate. What she did was address the truth while not letting an incorrect accusation, which can obviously be researched due to it being about words in a speech and not a matter of opinion, go unnoticed.

The president was advised to spin the attack as a riposte to an amateur film, which was a very incorrect thing to do, while turning it around and finally addressing the attack as it truly was, an act of terror. Proudly I must say that not at one moment did I actually fall for the silly spin, instead I always believed and saw the attack as an act of terror morbidly celebrating the anniversary of 9/11.

Please don’t just take my word for it, instead take the president’s: (more…)

Scandalous Minnie Mouse Display

Minnie Mouse never looked more attractive thanks to Barney’s department store in NYC. The new holiday window display is set to be a new and improved Minnie Mouse being 5ft 11″ and a whopping size 0. Well while everyone seems to agree that there’s nothing wrong with thin tall women, some are saying there is something wrong with altering the image of a classic children’s cartoon character to fit in with the “IN” crowd.

Ragen Chastain of Los Angeles feels strongly that this is incorrect so much as to set up a petition to the Display Communications Manager of Barney’s to not go through with the upcoming planned holiday window display.

There is nothing wrong with tall thin women. There is something wrong with changing a beloved children’s character’s body so that it looks good in a dress that almost nobody looks good in – adding to the tremendous pressure on young girls and women to attain photoshop perfection. The problem isn’t with Minnie’s body, it’s with a dress that only looks good on a woman who is 5’11 and a size zero.

That little girl who is going to become a 5’4, size 12 woman can’t just become a 5’11, size 0 woman when she wants to fit into a dress that was designed by someone who couldn’t be bothered to make a dress that looks good on someone who is not a model.-Ragen Chastain (more…)

Meet Vice Presidential Candidate Judge Jim Gray

Earlier this evening I was able to meet and talk with libertarian vice presidential candidate Judge Jim Gray. The majority of his speech was focused on abolishing drug prohibition as I had figured it would be. He did touch on other subjects like the Department of Education, Department of Energy and Department of Commerce. I don’t feel the need to write about his stances on the departments because with these three departments libertarians seem to decide unanimously that they all should be shut down or at the least reformed tremendously.

The location where he spoke was a small art gallery in downtown Phoenix where one can find numerous small shops, galleries, restaurants and bars. Basically it’s a hipster and hippie alike, hangout part of town. I know this well considering I frequent a few bars in the area. A hippy chick artist was in the front of the gallery painting away with her dreadlocks pulled back. When I entered to see her and the small gallery I first thought that maybe I was in the wrong place. She confirmed with me that I wasn’t and that Jim Gray would be speaking in the back patio. I weaved my way through the gallery to find the back patio where the audio was being set up by other hippies. Needless to say this was the stereotypical location for someone to speak out against prohibition of drugs. I imagined if any neo-cons were to find out about this speech they surely smirk self righteously. (more…)

Petition For Dr. Ron Paul To Be Nominated For The Nobel Peace Prize

The Nobel Peace Prize’s very name was diminished when Barack Obama won it in 2009. At first I didn’t feel so strongly but after four years of bombing innocent Muslims cowardly with drones, I became rather against The Nobel Peace Prize, seeing it now as promotional tool used by politicians as opposed to an award given to worthy individuals who through their efforts were strong proponents of peace and positive human evolution.

After awarded to Obama how could anyone possibly see the awards merit anymore? The award was given to him due to his promotion of nuclear nonproliferation and a “new climate” in international relations fostered by Obama, especially in reaching out to the Muslim world. This appears truly absurd if one looks at the President’s track record of “war on terror.” He took over the “war on terror” after George W. Bush only to surpass Bush when it came to assassination and bombing of and in the Muslim world – the same world he was awarded for promoting peace to.  (more…)