Religious Extremists Strike Again! Free Alber Saber!

“Separation of church and state”. It’s astonishing how such beautiful and few words can be viewed so complicatedly. In the United States our original plan as opposed to what many American’s (the U.S.) swear otherwise, was to be a nation free of religious persecution and free of religious power within our government. This is true in the United States and is one of our greatest policies. Even though we true liberty movers face ridiculous opposition from the religious institutions here in the United States, it is not near as bad as almost everywhere else in the world. While our only real reason for having religion lobbying in our government successfully is due to pandering to voters and financial gain for the elected officials. With us it comes down to the money and position in office.

With other countries like Egypt it’s a bit more than just politics. I honestly believe that they actually believe in their religion and desire to rule in accordance with it. Why else would a free thinking blogger and spreader of atheist and secular ideology be imprisoned for such free thinking and acting behavior? His name is Alber Saber, a victim of a totalitarian government devoted to the beliefs of Islam. His association with a Facebook page for atheists caused neighbors and an angry Islamic mob to form at his house threatening him. The police showed up not to help him but to arrest him for the crime of insulting Islam. (more…)


Pussy Riot Behind Bars

Throughout the 1970’s and into the 1980’s the United States used a unique form of warfare agains the Soviet Union. The United States still does this today with Iran but with a little less taste and more as an attempt to enrage them. I’m not sure where I stand on the social attacks towards Iran but with the Soviets I found it to be quite effective and enlightening. I of course am referring to using the images of a “free” Western civilization to encourage and educate the oppressed. We did it with disco, we did it with punk rock and the kids loved it.

Now a few decades later I among many others find myself flabbergasted and appalled by the recent civil rights attack from the Russian judicial system agains the Russian punk band Pussy Riot. In Vice magazine there was a very good interview with the members about what took place. Please click here for the full interview. (more…)