Faith In China

One of the largest fears that plagues the average modern American’s mind is the fear of total economic failure in the US economy and the economic domination of Chinese society. Of course it appears to be a valid fear though rest assured I am quite certain that there’s actually quite little to fear. Allow me to explain myself by first explaining the differences in our economic systems.

Let us travel across the drug infested border of Mexico and have a somewhat close examination of an exclusive system (China is also quite exclusive). First I’ll state due to much research I’ve found one clear observation that can expose whether a countries economic system is exclusive or inclusive. It’s quite simple really. If one sees a country where there are two extremes of economic classes with very little middle class then that is a tip off. In Mexico there is the richest of the rich and the poorest of the poor with very little evidence of a middle sections (class). The upper class in Mexico is extremely wealthy financially and has no concern for their country while the poor which makes up most of the country, is quite possibly gets down to the poorest group of people one might ever come across on this not-so-fair planet. There is much pride in their upper class. It’s a badge of honor for them when they are connected and well taken care of as the trod on the poor man’s back. Not only is it a punishment for an average non-connected Mexican citizen if they get the idea of even attempting to own their own small business but it is quite dangerous too. Mirroring cases in Eastern European and many African countries one must pay a high fee for local protection. If one shows any sign of wealth and is not connected then it may as well be a death warrant on their head. This mostly of course deals with the massive drug cartel which also is majorly connected to the operations in their government. And to save for another post soon I will share the only resolution to this problem that I can think of and am quite certain will work.

In an exclusive society like Mexico and many other countries in the south another sign is monopolies. Ask yourself this question. How is it that the richest man in the world according to Forbes Magazine is  the Mexican business man Carlos Slim if Mexico is so incredibly bad off? Well it’s simple really. In an exclusive system the economic entrepreneurial playing field is not level and therefor simply unfair. Chairman of Telmex the one and only telephone service worth having in the country, Carlos Slim shamelessly makes his billions on the backs of the incredibly poor citizens of his “beloved” country. Here is how it is cleverly done. In order to have phone service in Mexico the average cost is approximately 3000 pesos a month (231 US dollars and 175 euros). If one wishes to not pay for this service and goes with another companies plan then they are faced with ridiculous charges and fees when calling one of Mr. Slim’s (even his name is so scummy) customers phone lines and not only his but other companies lines as well. This is robbery but legal in an exclusive economic system.

In an inclusive system however the playing field is maybe not entirely fair but still much more level. An inclusive system is based on marriages of an economic cycle of supply and demand, public ownership, tax incentives for creating one’s own business and an over-all free market. History has taught us that civilizations fall mostly at least these days to economic failure. If one looks closely these fallen civilizations of recent times that have fallen have not fallen because of war (though a big factor still due to economics) but their affinity for an exclusive economic system. I wish to give an example of how this differs with civilizations of the past. Contrary to popular belief (thanks to movies) ancient Egypt was actually a more free market society than most realize. The fall is more due to tyranny in the upper class rulers and domination of Greece (which actually were the true rulers of Egypt as the Pharaoh’s were Greek. Greece and Rome which took it’s place as capital of the known world failed or rather merged into new civilizations due to their huge desire of conquering other lands. This is the only possible way I can see the United States failing entirely if we continue to follow suit as we currently are and have been for quite some time.

China is a unique case and mostly due to cultural influence. China is an exclusive society where more often than nought the citizens live by the similar ideology of unification for the common good and fear of individualism (individualism being one of the the West’s great philosophies). This in turn works for them, or rather works because of their ideologies of what makes a great way of life. This is the biggest reason China stays around and has been around for so long. The individualist ideals from the West is their big threat. Try to login to Facebook or check out YouTube in China and see what you find. Can this change? Of course. Will it? Based on history it appears unlikely but there are signs of a possible change. With the West’s recent economical decline due primarily to banks (corporatism) failures to operate as they should in a free market system, China appears to be more powerful than ever. And rightly so. But for how long?

This is where my choice in the title FAITH IN CHINA comes in. Exclusive societies like China can appear strong when inclusive societies are in trouble. It makes a lot of sense really. China loves to use the West’s crisis as propaganda to keep their exclusive system appearing as a positive “choice”. There are books published currently in China praising their economic success, promoting their “socialist” tendencies (I’m not sure how socialism can be achieved when there is so much poverty and pollution in their country but they like to use the word anyway (propaganda)). Nothing screams propaganda machine louder than a surge  in “hooray for China” literature and movies. I’m a US citizen though I wasn’t around during WWII the propaganda machines left much evidence of their existence (John Wayne anybody?). My faith in China is due to the fact that their government is using this Western economic crisis as a means to promote their society. This will pass once we in the West reform our systems of currencies  along with our damaged government malfunctions. Furthermore the reason I have faith is that individualism ideals which were pushed long ago in ancient Greece, more recently in Catalonia, and the United States enlightenment eras, is here to stay. Most likely due to simply studying our history we shall see shifts in civilization leadership, the idea of individualism and inclusion in free market economics it too strong. With it there are failures but the idea is the glue and the life force which drives it to succeed. China will most likely remain exclusive, Mexico I see promise in changing, and due to China’s affinity for exclusivity they may never truly be a long lasting world civilization leader. (Don’t get me started on the Middle East)!

We are in dark times but keep your chin up because this too shall pass.

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