Was Crowley Wrong? And Did Obama Call It An “Act Of Terror?” – No and Yes

Well Obama decided to study this time around as opposed to the first debate where her arrogantly believed it was going to be an easy victory for him over Romney. That is a good thing because now we have something closer to a real debate. I must say it was refreshing to have both Obama and Romney defend and attack in real time, while looking directly at each other.

While I was following along the myriad of Tweets from political commentators and journalists I saw a massive outcry when moderator Candy Crowley sided with Obama in defending him from Romney’s accusation (or questioning) of whether or not Obama called the attack in Libya on September 11th 2012 as an “act of terror.” The outcry mostly came from the right claiming that he did not call it an “act of terror” and instead focused on the religious aspect of it as a riposte to an amateur anti-Islam film.

Well I read the entire speech by the president conducted on the following day of September 12th in the Rose Garden. While many journalists are desperately picking apart words, I also side with Obama that he did in fact attribute the attack as an “act of terror.” Also in my personal opinion I find it absolutely refreshing that a moderator, a journalist to boot, addressed the truth in real time. Many are angry with Crowley, and I would be too if she was actually incorrect. If she was incorrect then it would show she was speaking out of personal opinion and obviously showing favoritism towards one candidate. What she did was address the truth while not letting an incorrect accusation, which can obviously be researched due to it being about words in a speech and not a matter of opinion, go unnoticed.

The president was advised to spin the attack as a riposte to an amateur film, which was a very incorrect thing to do, while turning it around and finally addressing the attack as it truly was, an act of terror. Proudly I must say that not at one moment did I actually fall for the silly spin, instead I always believed and saw the attack as an act of terror morbidly celebrating the anniversary of 9/11.

Please don’t just take my word for it, instead take the president’s: (more…)