Wasting Your Vote?

This is the question and often times the statement thrown at Libertarians and Independents when discussing how we’re planning on voting for a third party candidate. I’m sure you all know this quite well. This scare tactic works to some degree too. The threat comes in a few different forms which I will address. One is if we vote for a third party we will throw the election to Obama. Another is we should vote for the candidate that is closest to our beliefs of liberty but the closest candidate of the two parties. The other classic one is “choose the lesser of two evils.”

I’ll address them in order. First voting for a third party should not be viewed as throwing an election. It should only be viewed as choosing the right candidate that you believe in. If you don’t vote Republican it means the Republican candidate did not sell their position to you and obviously did a poor job in attempting to do so. So why reward them? If you don’t vote Democrat then it’s the exact same issue. Why reward them for not selling their position? Vote for who you choose based on their policies and your personal values. If you vote otherwise then you are truly wasting your vote.

The second is almost the same as the third. Actually they’re all similar when you really look closely. This is simple. Vote for the candidate that is closest to your beliefs period. Why should you be blamed for the poor job of the candidates and their parties? Aren’t we already punished enough.

The third is always quite funny to me. How many times in your life will you vote for the lesser of two evils? Every election? If so (which seems to be the case every election) then every time you vote you are voting for evil and it will only become more evil after each election if we continue this process, which we do and which it has.

The reason I vote Libertarian is not because I go with my party. I choose Libertarian candidates because we share the same beliefs in limited government, personal rights, foreign policy, and non deficit spending. Some of the Libertarian candidates in the past have slightly differed from my personal beliefs but not enough to have me vote against them. I may be foolish in believing that the Libertarian or any other third party (it’s funny when you think of all the “third” parties) will dominate one day. But I still believe if we keep pushing and voting for what we truly believe in, in the long run as these two dominant parties continue, they will implode on themselves and only the best will survive. Based on Libertarian beliefs it’s impossible for the Libertarian party to destroy itself. But not impossible for the dominant two parties.

I like Gary Johnson. He’s a firm believer in all that I believe in. We agree on almost everything (if not everything) especially the biggest issues. I am voting for him because I choose to vote for what I believe in and refuse to be bullied to vote otherwise.

The choice is yours though.

Who could possibly disagree with allowing Gary Johnson to compete in the presidential debates? Where’s the justice in that?

So please whether you agree with Gary Johnson or not, please sign this petition to have him included in the debates. It’s simple and fast. Click on the link below.

Libertarian Petition for Gary Johnson to be included in the debates.

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