Refuse to Vote?

There’s no denying that between Libertarians exists barriers. Some Libertarians are more Anarchists or Anarcho-Capitalists; while others consider themselves to be Classical Liberal or Constitutionalists.  My heart is with those who are idealists, while my hands work for those who are realist [subjectively speaking of course] who are not apathetic to politics and the processes thereof. I’m addressing those who have been involved with the Liberty movement when I say: we all have freedom of choice here, the choice to opt out of voting, to be apolitical, to vote Libertarian Party, to infiltrate Republican Party, to switch back to the Libertarian Party, etc. I preface by saying, we are Libertarian because we hold a common credo: The Non-Aggression Principle.

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” These words were spoken by Edmund Burke, a supporter of the American Revolution. Samuel Adams and The Sons of Liberty did not choose to opt out of the system. They organized, from the taverns to the farms, from the piers to the courthouse, and they fought the system! The founders of this country were not apathetic to the blatant tyranny, they required no approbation from the British crown; they used violent force which is only justified in the defense of life, liberty and property. They were the first society that believed in self-governance.  So why should we give up today? Especially as government continuously grows in power and exercises force wherever possible.

Voter turnout is less than two thirds of the country. For state level elections it is even less than one third. Whether you like it or not, the game will be played with or without you. By you, the individual, not voting you are consenting to the decisions made for you by other voters. Unfortunately the social contract that we all detest exists in today’s political world, and one of the ways to eviscerate government force is to dismantle it peacefully from the within the system. Yes it is ultimately your choice to participate or not, I’m only asking for your cogitation and I’m hoping you have not yet absconded yourself. If no one is worthy of a vote in your local community, then the honorable initiative would be to run for office yourself if you are capable and believe in liberty. Even if you are petulant to the process, or of the label you must wear; keep in mind that labels are only labels. Historically speaking, the political parties constantly change their stances on issues and they’re not always the moral stance.

The idealist in me praises the anarchist stance while the realist in me knows that this country is in no condition to accept Anarchism. It takes gradual change over time, and the education of the masses to help them see that their own liberty is far more important than temporary security. I praise those with inexorable commitment to the cause, those who debate with great erudition, and those who continue to stay optimistic. Statesmen like Ron Paul chose to become part of the system and even though he fell short of nomination, he managed to influence a generation of new Libertarians and brought the Non-Aggression Principle into the public spotlight; there is much to be gained! The Ron Paul Revolution is simply a continuation of the U.S. Revolution and even though we’ve lost the face of the revolution the ideas are still legitimate. His supporters were most ostentatious, fervent, and had become the envy of all other grassroots campaigns; an impressive accomplishment to say the least. If we don’t defend our liberty by more peaceful means, we’ll eventually have to defend it by violent means.

Voluntarily using the system to influence it is not the same as consenting to be enslaved by it, rather it is the opposite. We are not being hypocritical because we do not impose our will upon others when involved in the system, we have a Constitutional Republic form of government, and have not yet amounted to ‘mob rule’. However, it ever so drifts in that direction by those who see it proper to impose upon others. My urge is to take action against them, to protect the liberty of all people and to push closer towards our idealistic goals of Anarcho-Capitalism. Government is virtually inescapable no matter where we go on this planet; I never think that the preservation of liberty is futile. Our voices matter, they’re not just frivolous chatter but the seeds to revolution! We can influence and inspire just as the founders of this country have, and let us not say that we did nothing. There is a New World Order among us, obey or resist the choice is yours, I am sincere in saying that apathy will solve nothing.

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