Principles of a Free Society

In a truly free society there are a few principles we should live by. These truths have become very evident in the recent years on interventionism by the U.S. government in policies, laws and the policing of the world. I guess it doesn’t surprise me that they are not clear to the masses due to the extreme conditioning we citizens have gone through since our childhood.

If these simple principles were at the forefront of our political beliefs we would see prosperous longevity in our economy and in our happiness as a whole. And as opposed to many other attempts at sound policy these principles cost the country absolutely nothing. I wish to outline these principles.

As a government we should refrain from forcing issues upon others because with every force there is a counterforce. Nor should we defeat enemies by force of arms for even when violent actions are well intentioned at first these actions always rebound on ourselves. This has been evident in recent years with our various entanglements with the Middle East. It does no one good economically nor does it any good for national prosperity.

In dealing with the issue of violence it should be of only the last possible resort for survival. In victory over the enemy we shouldn’t rejoice and declare victory as a triumph but instead with our heads held low in despair. While yes we may have found ourselves in a situation with only one option of survival we shouldn’t be proud of our victory because then we are also proud of the confrontation. This is a sign of men hungry for power.

The best way to govern is to trust in the people. Giving each other trust transforms them into trustworthy people. We should have laws against fraudulent business and social behavior and laws against violent crimes. These are laws to protect but don’t infringe on the rights of the people while allowing them to have trust which in turn allows them to trust others. The free market when left alone will regulate itself and needs no intervention. This is best for all and the truth behind world peace.

A rising sense of patriotism is a sign of a country in chaos. When things are really bad this is a sign we must all pay close attention to. This is not so much a principle but a principle of training one’s mind to see when things are truly going wrong.

When bad institutions rise to power and in turn hurt the economy, the country and the world we must allow them to inflate and blow up on itself. This is what is happening with our monetary institutions such as The Federal Reserve. Many of us have made tremendous strides in attempting to end the Fed to little avail. A monster of this enormous size can only destroy itself, which is a positive outcome. When people turn more to the “black market” for goods and services then that is a sign of a return to a true free market. Many of us have found ourselves consumed with anger and stress when we simply think of The Federal Reserve. To these people including myself I say, let go of it. Allow for it to collapse upon itself, which it already has begun to do. Therefore the trying economic times we are currently encountering are actually positive as a consequence. In order to end the Fed we must let it end itself and stand back.

Though as The Federal Reserve destroys itself we must be aware of why it is doing so, so as not to make similar mistakes again. And instead of making similar mistakes we can return to sound money, a free market and economic prosperity. Therefore allow it to happen but learn from it and continue to make others aware and teach them as well. This is the best hope for a positive future.

We must not succumb to fear. There is no greater illusion than that of fear and no greater misfortune than to have an enemy. Fear drives us to do foolish acts upon others and in turn upon ourselves. This is true now as we see the military industrial complex to be a major expense on our nation and a great accumulator of debt. Accumulating debt is a poor way to conquer the fears of the people and only hurts everyone involved including our debtors. The government shows tremendous fear by going into unnecessary wars and printing false money to falsely stimulate the economy. The fear our government has is only destructive and will surely end with immense failure. The government cannot truly succeed in the long run by forcing the country into a state of delusion by using illusions as their tool. Whoever can see through all fear will always be safe.

No one can master the free market. It’s moves are made by supply and demand and it’s own unique form of self regulation. To attempt to master the market always ends up bad. If you don’t believe then take a closer look (as close as they’ll let you) at The Federal Reserve. True mastery of the market is only attained by allowing it to move on its own freely. In this sense it then truly cannot be mastered.

Looking through these principles I dare one to attempt to estimate the costs. No matter how hard one tries one will find it will cost nothing. Nothing financially speaking of course. The only cost is letting go of fear and spreading the truths of freedom to others.

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