In Defense Of Clint Eastwood

A few days ago you might have encountered or at least heard of  the speech Clint Eastwood gave at the RNC. Since then, well almost immediately after, his appearance went under a lot of scrutiny which in turn furthered my belief that the human species never truly matures as far as the brain is concerned. Many including jesters John Stewart and Stephen Colbert insulted Eastwood, laughing at his speech, pointing out his age which by the way the left would sing an entirely different tune say if it was Morgan Freeman declaring loudly that such behavior  is agist.

I used to enjoy Stewart and Colbert. I defended them as jesters but now I see their true colors based on their obsession with Obama (even after consistently siding with anti-war movements while their “saviour” and “promiser of change” president continues war and even worse sending drone attacks that slaughter innocent children in Pakistan) and now see them as political leftist goons.

Returning from my digression of disappointment with such entertainment media goons, I wish to address Eastwood’s speech more appropriately. It’s a shame that comedians couldn’t tell that Eastwood was poking fun at Obama. Here we have a veteran of not only the film industry but also politics, acting on his own without a teleprompter and without a script. Penn Jillette brought up a good point this past Sunday on his podcast “Penn’s Sunday School.” He stated that it was rather refreshing having someone speak at a major political convention without inhibition and without direction. To have someone go up on stage and express how he feels in his own words. It is refreshing to see actual honesty at a political convention, an absolute breath of fresh air actually.

Everyone focuses on the empty chair bit (I wonder if Bob Newhart the creator of the one-sided comedy schtick would be scrutinized if he performs something similar at the DNC) but leave it to the goons to not focus at all, not even a little bit, on the strong points Eastwood made. I think it’s rather simplistic yet brilliant when he brought up the point that when someone doesn’t do their job we have to let them go. I also feel when Eastwood pointed out that many in Hollywood are not all leftist liberals like the media has us believe. And my favorite moment was when Eastwood pointed out that it doesn’t matter what party we belong to in the big picture whether we’re republican, democrat, libertarian or any other we must remember that politicians are supposed to be our employees and this is obvious because the plead pathetically every election year for our votes (so we hire them).

Now I don’t agree with Romney and Ryan on just about everything except that someone else needs to be in the office. Is that someone Romney? Not in my opinion as I hardly see much difference between the current ex-senator in the seat and the business man trying to take it. Whom I want is unimportant in consideration of this post. This post is to respect Eastwood for standing up for what he believes, for not caring how the silly joke of a media perceives him and for all that Eastwood has contributed to our nation in the past.

If you feel my points (and Penn’s) are incorrect please watch the video and listen to his speech again (or for the first time) and feel free to comment.

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