Ron Paul Rally Tampa, Florida 26th August 2012

On my travels to Tampa last weekend a lot of thoughts ran around my head. I am a Libertarian and I know this very well, but I wanted to see how other Libertarians and Libertarian leaning Republicans behave and respond to the many questions and attacks Libertarians undergo. I found that Libertarians are a rather diverse group which in essence is what being a Libertarian is all about, individuality and the rights thereof. Some of us are keen on science while others are more keen on religion. This is a big dividing factor between most of us in this party. I myself am an atheist an anarchist and a strong advocate for evolution. While many others still believe in a god of some sort. This causes a rift between the pro-choice and pro-life individuals among us. This being said we are all in favor of individual liberty, little or no government, a strong desire to end the Federal Reserve, very similar if not exact views on foreign affairs (especially dealing with war and military spending), and we all seem to love Ron Paul.

The Paul Fest was an excellent experience for the lot of us, I’m sure most attendees would agree, but the bigger event was the Ron Paul rally at the University of South Florida Sun Dome, which took place on Sunday August 26th 2012 in Tampa, Florida. At the rally we saw many esteemed speakers from the likes of the highly influential Lew Rockwell, Barry Goldwater Jr., and many others along with a couple musical performances.

Many video crews were there recording the event including myself. the difference between my video and the rest is that my video emphasizes the audience’s strong presence and energy at the Ron Paul rally. No one in my lifetime has had such an amazing following as Ron Paul has. This gives me incredible faith that the liberty movement will continue to grow and soon the “respected” big media organizations will have no merit nor place on our television screens, radios and computer screens. We know the truth and one very apparent truth is that WE THE PEOPLE are the United States government and WE THE PEOPLE will decide what is best for us. I officially secede from the Union and elect Ron Paul as my president no matter who wins this year’s election. When people ask me who the president of the United States is I will not answer Obama, I will not answer Romney, but I will answer with Ron Paul.

Rand Paul gives an excellent introduction for his dad at this rally. Two days later Rand addressed the Republican National Convention with Libertarian views. This is my personal account of the speech given from the audience’s perspective. The footage is not like most amateur recordings. I shot this well and recorded the audio levels intelligently to emphasize the sheer massive size of the audience and their energy without missing a word of the speech, which also comes through the video clearly.

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