Disillusioned and Furious

Everyone has a ‘Red Pill’ story about the single moment that changed it all. Their outlook on life, justice, society, even reality itself had all changed; and their curiosity brought them deeper into the rabbit hole. What enlightenment can have such impact? Politics. Most people turn away from the very word, avoiding it as if it were a hex on the house of their family name. Out of disgust and contempt for politics, most have made the choice of doing nothing. It is within their rights to remain neutral on the subject. But what I am telling you now, is that remaining neutral will benefit injustice more than supporting one side or the other regardless of which side is wrong. Those who conceded that voting does not matter since elections are rigged and the politicians are bought and paid for by the corporations or whomever is the mysterious entity known vaguely as ‘the powers that be’, are close to being disillusioned.

The first step is usually the realization that the argument between Left and Right, Democrat vs. Republican is only white noise and a distraction from reality. The disillusion ushers in with it a feeling of being cheated, lied to, and a thirst for truth. The second step requires some deft footing if you so choose to take it. It is the realization that the only real discussion in politics is one of ‘Force’ and ‘Freedom’. The two concepts struggle against each other and have always been in opposition over the centuries, though victor is usually force. The light of hope broke through, from an intellectual revolution of free thinking men who voiced their thoughts, Voltaire, Locke, and Bastiat. Their words, timeless and ever reaching, strikes with thunderous power breaking the chains of slavery and shackles of force. When people are free, truth has been bestowed upon them, the struggle between Freedom vs. Force becomes clear.

George Washington said “Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.” Government can be equated to force, and some might argue that it is necessary. Thomas Paine stated that “Government at its best is a necessary evil, and at its worst, an intolerant one.” The contrast of government is liberty, and to support liberty is to oppose government. When an individual opposes government, questions it, or does not blindly obey it, that person is quickly labeled “unpatriotic” or worse, “terrorist”. Thomas Jefferson once said “When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.” It is the duty of every true patriot to defend liberty especially against the force of government. “Patriotism never demands obedience to the state but rather obedience to the principles of liberty.” said Congressman Ron Paul “…To be an American patriot is to love liberty.” Do not look at government in the limited scope of our nation, but rather all forms of government in all nations, past and present.

By educating yourself, you make yourself unfit to be a slave. I’m sincere about every word, and I encourage people to do their own research, read the works of our forefathers, to learn the definition of Liberty. Once you’ve found it, you’ll become furious; and out of the fury comes a relentless desire to spread the ideas of liberty and that is how it grows, how tyrants are removed, and how thrones are broken. Liberty is like happiness, it is only real when shared. Dare to call yourselves Champions of Liberty, or Defenders of The Constitution, because those people on the side of force know, the label cannot be worn out of pretense lest they deceive themselves. Liberty is as ubiquitous as the air we breathe, it belongs to all people, understand it, protect it, and live free!

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