Why I Believe Democracy Is Wrong

As an American I often hear people toot the horn of democracy every chance they get. It is branded into our brains as children during our schooling years. The belief that democracy is the best and the highest level of evolution for political systems (even though we are reminded time and again the it first was developed in Athens long ago). Well I’m here to tell you that I think it sucks. Democracy is wrong.

How is it that democracy is actually considered fair? When the process involves a majority vote on the matter. Say for example you are a member of a family of five and on vacation. Everyone is hungry but of course not sharing the exact same amount of hunger, but even still let’s believe you are all craving food at an equal level of desire. There you are all five of you wishing to eat. In a more simple way similar to the U.S. governments idea that there are only “really two” parties, let’s say three of the family members are craving seafood while you and one other member are craving Chinese food. Well the vote goes out and guess what? In a democratic process you and your other family member lose out. It’s fair right? (Some families are more run like a dictatorship with either the father or mother  making the final decision but let’s imagine a more democratic family).

That sums up why democracy is unfair pretty simply. And it’s true. Why do we truly believe a democratic system is the best way to solve all of our problems? I agree that when it comes to governing it may very well be the best system because it makes a complex situation more simple like voting for candidates to be the candidates to vote for in a presidential election. It narrows it all down to make choices easier. This is the other problem with democracy though. Every four years the same point is made by many voters in various ways basically stating voting for “the lesser of two evils.” How is that fair? We don’t want either jerk. But we have no choice other than them unless due to massive media conditioning and a corrupt voting procedure we throw away votes by writing someone else in or voting for someone of a smaller less fortunate party (ahem… Libertarian). But this is democracy right?

What if the legal system was run by a system of democracy? It is in civil matters (unless there’s no jury then the decision is dictated by a judge) but it is not in criminal matters. In a criminal court there is a jury of twelve. These twelve must “vote” unanimously or else it is a hung jury and therefore can end up as a mis-trial. Personally I prefer this and think it’s better. If it was democratic and say seven jurors voted for the defendant to be guilty of murder and five voted for the defendant to be innocent or not proven guilty yet, how would a majority decision be fair? It wouldn’t. That is why the decision must be unanimous

Democracy is unfair in every way. Why must we force ourselves to believe otherwise? Because we were conditioned since childhood to believe so. The fact is it is unfair and in a democracy people lose out and have to accept loss. There are solutions for this. Most of the solutions are awful alternatives like fascism, communism, socialism and dictatorships (socialism sucks but it far better than the company I listed it in). However even though these are solutions to the unfairness of democracy there is an even better one. Yep Anarcho-Capitalism. Where industries and institutions are privately run in a free market and their success is based on how well our industries and private institutions operate. Now that is fair!

P.S. By the way please do not confuse The Statue of Liberty for a symbol of democracy. It is a symbol of freedom.

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