Cuban Punk Rocker Gorki Aguila And The Truth About Capitalism vs Crony Capitalism

Lately anyone who has a Facebook or Twitter account has seen a lot of opposition towards capitalism. Even among the wealthy celebrities who wouldn’t be wealthy nor even a celebrity without the helping hand of capitalism find the romance in being anti-capitalist. Here’s the thing kids you’ve got it all terribly wrong. For one thing you’re speaking about your opposition towards CRONY capitalism not true capitalism. Does my love of a free market make me appear square? Greedy? As your enemy? If your answer to any of those questions is yes then you are a sheep (or a bona fide communist in which case I can and will respect your views because they’re not hypocritical). If you are reading this on you iPad or Mac Book then you my friend are a sheep among the sheeple and I AM more punk rock than you ever will be!

Hmm did I strike a chord? If so, good. Crony capitalism is corporatism gone incredibly wrong. You wish to occupy Wall Street but I’m afraid you are off the mark. You need to travel to Washington D.C. There is where the source lays, not on Wall Street. Your government you wish to provide more power too is the source of your outrage. And it’s so terrible how sheep-like they actually make you look when you go after Wall Street because they told you to. That’s right the government blamed you for the real-estate bubble burst, for the bailouts and for the poor economy. What they don’t tell you is that they were behind it all and when the bubble burst they took us deeper by bailing out the banks that they also blamed. This is brilliant work by both the Bush and Obama administration. To be able to cause such economic destruction and then turn around and blame the innocent and have the innocent actually believe them is a brilliant play by the U.S. government. Sure the citizens after a bit of time didn’t want to take the blame anymore so they turned to Wall Street and put the blame on them. Don’t get me wrong there are plenty of crooks in Wall Street but these crooks are in cahoots with your dear government.

When any government interferes with a free market economic system it no longer becomes a free market. In a free market all businesses are at risk of failing and this is a good thing. Do I demand you to bail me out when my private business goes under due to poor decisions I made? Absolutely not. You would let me fail and you would be right in doing so (unless of course a private non-government investor is interested in bailing me out or purchasing my failing business in order to build it up again which are both entirely up to them and takes nothing from anyone else).  This is how a free market operates. It operates with failure and success being possible without assistance or rather a much better word, interference from a government.

It’s a perfect win-win situation for the Obama administration. He gets to try out terrible strategies to dig us out of our hole only to fail time and time again. Then due to his failures our economy becomes more unsettling and fearful. What a splendid time to enforce new acts and laws to limit our freedom as a guise of protecting us. The NDAA wouldn’t be as easily enforced under a secure economy. Pulling off a tremendous amount of drone attacks go almost unnoticed during times of economic crisis (a little off subject I know but it is related). Socialist, Statist, and Fascist ideology go hand in hand during an economic crisis. Must you really have to look back to Nazi Germany, The Soviet Union and the horrific conclusion to the Spanish Civil War to wake up to how these dangerous ideals turn out? The bad thing is most of the sheeple don’t even look back at all.

So what is the answer? Trust the government to get us out of this mess by printing more money? Go to war which we can’t possibly afford being 15 trillion and rising in debt?

The answer is simple but hard to understand for most these days. The answer is capitalism. We must manufacture products again in this country. This might require a lower pay for employees but it is the only way and what’s worse than low pay? No jobs at all.

We are a country bent on consumption. We borrow money from China in order to buy their products. It’s as if I were to borrow money from a storeowner just so I can use the same money to buy something from his store. But not paying him back and instead I owing him a debt. We can’t possibly survive much longer in a state of mostly consumption we must begin manufacturing again. Raising the debt ceiling doesn’t help either nor does any silly stimulus idea. These won’t work at all because they don’t solve anything. They only give the illusion that we’re doing better giving false hope in the stock market.

Capitalism is the answer, a truly free market where we can employ, manufacture, buy, sell and do so freely without government interference. Before you jump on me with a comment along the lines of “there are some dangerous industries the government must regulate,” I’ll agree but only in a legal sense. If there is to be a government (I oppose all governments no matter what kind) then they should be limited only to protecting the citizens from fraud and violent criminal activities. The rest we can sort out on our own but that will take me into a whole other argument for an anarcho-capitalist civilization, and I’m not going to go into that discussion here right now.

If we don’t turn around from what we’re getting ourselves into soon then we will become a police state. The state that the hypocritical Hollywood producers have been hiring as their villain in many of their features will become our reality (who will Hollywood side with then?).

All of my life I have read or heard stories of artists who were in the Soviet Union and Cuba who couldn’t even breathe without fear of being arrested. Recently Reason Magazine’s Michael Moynihan caught up with a punk rocker Gorki Aguila, leader of the band Porno Para Ricardo. He talks about his life being in a punk band in a totalitarian society, being arrested for the fear of future possible crimes and how important capitalism is to individuality. He simply and passionately warns us “Communism is a failure. A total failure. Please, leftists of the world-improve your capitalism! Don’t choose communism!” (The key words are “improve your capitalism”).

On a side note I constantly see more and more old school American and British punk rockers being revealed as Libertarian these days. Makes one think doesn’t it?

(All rights of this video belong to Reason TV).

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